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NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode on National Action Plan of Pakistan

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode Update:

Imran Khan elect 22nd Prime Minister of on 17th August 2018.

Just after electing Prime Minister he aggressively roar on enemies and economic terrorists of Pakistan.

He said that he will not give any NRO to those robbers who looted Pakistan.

Nation who was waiting for change from seventy (70) years, now that time has come.

After taking oath of Prime Minister on 18th August 2018, Imran Khan on 19th August address to the nation on TV & Radio.

This address to the nation on TV and Radio was exceptional. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Because till today none of the any Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Highlights the important problems of Pakistan and gave the solutions of those problems which Pakistan is facing.

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode

Many Pakistani shock that why the aggressive style of Imran Khan Increases just after becoming Prime Minister?

Why it all of us feels after the Prime Minister address that every problem of Pakistan is going to be solved on war basis?

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We personally feels that Pakistan Army and Imran Khan can become a perfect team.

Because Pak Army who did not get the absolute result on National Action Plan (NAP) from previous government.

Action of Prime Minister Imran Khan on NAP

Now Prime Minister is going to take serious actions against the biggest mafia of Pakistan under the NAP.

This point was raised personally by Imran Khan during his first speech to the nation. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

PM ask the nation to ready because this mafia will come on roads and will try to sabotage the peace of Pakistan.

He told that you as a nation don't step back, now either Pakistan live or this mafia.

We never heard this type of talks from any Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Now Imran Khan is going to take actions against the mafia for which Pak Army ask to take actions from previous government.

But previous government fail to take any action against the biggest mafia of Pakistan.

Because the members and heads of political parties who were part of two previous government are part of this mafia.

Types of Mafia in Pakistan

They connect to Petrol mafia, Water mafia, Gas mafia, Land mafia, Timber mafia, Sugar Mill mafia etc. etc.

They are not only connect to this mafia but their relatives are also a members of this mafia.

This mafia is influenced by India, Afghanistan and Iran. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Under the configure program this mafia is damaging Pakistan unlimited.

Now the question is Pakistan Army can itself destroy this mafia in few days then why Pak Army don't do this?

Actually the aim of NAP is not only to destroy this mafia but to not allow this mafia to born Afghan next time.

This will only possible if the sincere government make legislations against this and mafia and to make political free police system.

Pakistan Army can only work on war basis.

But to get the long term positive results the good link of Prime Minister with GHQ is important.

This link building can only establish that Prime Minister who is not a mafia himself.

He is not under the influence of any external intelligence agency.

Therefore on his first speech to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan express his fear.

That this corrupt mafia and economical terrorists of Pakistan can destabilized the Pakistan.

But we are not in this situation that we can forgive them at any cost.

Therefore we will do those works which is crucial for National Interest.

Kashmir Conflict and Prime Minister Imran Khan

Many of our Pakistani friends found in discussing the point that Prime Minister of Pakistan did not mention the Kashmir conflict on his first speech?

So dear Pakistani friends we can solve the Kashmir issue by that time when Pakistan will stable on internal and external level.

Due to heavy load of external loans which is mounted on Pakistan.

We can not provide only military, political or financial help to Kashmir. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

But we also can not give moral support to Kashmir and Kashmiri brothers.

If we ask India to solve Kashmir, issue in reply India will disturb the peace inside Pakistan with the help of RAW agents.

Did you people don't see that video of former Indian Army Chief General Bikram Singh.

In which he suggests to engage Pakistan in internal problems that Pakistan can not talk on real issues.

Therefore it is necessary for Prime Minister Imran Khan's Government to end the internal enemies of Pakistan.

Pakistan Army is coping with those hardcore terrorists who are attacking from borders of Pakistan.

This is the wish of every Pakistani which was highlight by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on his first address.

Insha Allah you will see that Pakistan will get the breakthrough on Kashmir issue in the tenure of Imran Khan's Government.

First two years after putting Pakistan on correct path.

Prime Minister will focus on Kashmir, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries of Pakistan.

But it doesn't mean that in first two years of Imran Khan's tenure Kashmir will be neglected, No way.

You will see in next few weeks that high level delegation of Prime Minister Pakistan will meet with Kashmiri leaders.

And due to this meeting India will flare up.

Steps for Overseas Pakistanis

Besides that Prime Minister in his address to Nation made great announcement for overseas Pakistanis.

Bad behavior with those Pakistanis who live in other countries will not continue for long time.

Innocent Pakistanis who are imprison in jails of different countries will be free.

Like India and America who provides safety to their citizens all over the world.

Pakistan will also give safety to Pakistani citizens in all over the world. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

Police Reforms

To end terrorism in Pakistan together with Pakistan Army, Police also needs better system.

Because Police can access every city and village easily.

Police can identify and can take action against those dangerous terrorists who hides inside the country.

In this regard Prime Minister had taken the great move.

PM is giving this task to the former IG of KPK, Nasir Durrani to make reforms in Punjab Police.


These are the points which every patriotic wants to complete.

Any patriotic Pakistani will never say wrong about these great decisions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

We all Pakistani must pray to Allah that Allah help Prime Minister Imran Khan to work on these great decisions.

More importantly it is necessary to say here that at present Prime Minister must not reduce his security.

Till Pakistan will become complete secure country in the world. NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode.

The man who takes such type aggressive decisions are the man of clean intention.

And few people of clean intention comes to this position.

Such type of people assassinated by other country"s Intelligence Agencies and this is our history.
Any Pakistani leader who favors Pakistan becomes martyr.

At present Pakistan is not in this position to loose Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is loyal to his country, Pakistan.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic Smartphone Launched in Pakistan

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic Update:

Vivo V11 & Vivo V11 pro Smartphone Launched in Pakistan at an event in PC Lahore.

This new addition to the popular V series comes with an AI camera.

This AI Camera helps users to capture the picture-perfect moment in any scenario.

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic features key design elements, like the new Halo FullView™ Display .

Smartphone is paired with Starry Night and Nebula fusion colors.

Details of Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic Smartphone

All enclosed within a curved 3D body to provide a seamless and immersive user experience.

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The V11 Pro Smartphone is the first in the V series to incorporate In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

Continuing Vivo’s technology leadership in biometric security, while maintaining a sleek and stylish design.

Mr. Eric Kong, The CEO for Vivo Pakistan said:
“Innovating with consumers in mind is our priority."
He added:
"We are excited to introduce the AI-powered V11 & V11 Pro to create a more intuitive and personal mobile experience for our users."

AI Camera Creates Perfect Photos with Ease

Vivo has stepped up its development of AI to answer the consumer demand for more powerful photography features which adapt to any scenario.

The V11 Pro Smartphone features a 12MP + 5MP Dual Rear Camera.

It is a combination with a large f/1.8 aperture and 1.28μm pixels, as well as a 25MP Front Camera.

Besides that The 12MP Rear Camera boasts Dual Pixel Sensors.

With 24 million photosensitive units for higher light sensitivity and DSLR-standard Dual-Pixel Autofocus technology.

Therefore it can can lock focus in just 0.03 seconds.

While on the other hand V11 packs an equally impressive setup of 16MP + 5MP Dual Rear Cameras and the same 25MP AI Camera on the front.

AI Backlight HDR and AI Low Light Mode use AI algorithms.

Because it capture multiple frames for greater detail and combine them to create perfectly exposed photos.

Most importantly it will take pictures in difficult lighting environments such as sunsets.

For perfect selfies anywhere anytime, it introduces all-new AI Face Shaping technology.

With an AI face-modeling algorithm that adds individual treatments to your facial features, creating beautiful yet natural selfies.

Smarter Experience, More Powerful Performance

Beyond photography, the Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic expands the AI mobile experience.

It includes across the board with Vivo’s AI assistant Jovi, with features like Jovi Smart Scene, Google Lens and Google Assistant.

Jovi Smart Scene of makes everyday life easier by recognizing user scenarios and acting accordingly.
This will help for checking the weather and providing real-time information.

Google Assistant helps with everyday situations.

For example map navigation, online shopping, travel arrangements, music, video, and even social media.

While Google Lens, backed by advanced deep-learning algorithms, lets users search for what they see.

Supporting these incredible AI features, V11 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 660AIE processor with 6GB RAM + 128 ROM.

Because it ensures ultra-smooth performance and the V11 packs a Helio P60 processor, along with 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM.

The latest Funtouch OS 4.5 (based on Android 8.1) and Vivo’s Jovi AI Engine also work together to allocate CPU and memory resources efficiently.

By these features it will handle multiple complex operations.

Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic also features Vivo’s Dual-Engine Fast Charging system.

Therefore it allows the battery to be quickly recharged while protecting it against overheating by using 9 layers of security.

Immersive Design with the V series’ first In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The V11 Pro Smartphone features a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 6.41-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView™ Display with a 91.27% screen-to-body ratio.

The V11 has a 6.3-inch screen with the same Halo FullView™ Display.

The ultra-thin 1.76mm side bezels, paired with the 3D curved body design blends the edges of the phone into the display.

Therefore it is creating an immersive viewing experience that fits perfectly in your hand.

Besides that V11 Pro is the first model in the V series to incorporate In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

It eliminates the visible fingerprint pad to create a seamless design from front to back.

Vivo has created two trendsetting fusion colors inspired by the exciting mysteries of the universe.
These are called Starry Night and Nebula.

Availability & Pricing

The Vivo V11 V11Pro AI Snapdragon 660AIE Aesthetic are already up for pre-orders in Pakistan.

According to the information the official sales of these Smartphone will begin on 13th September.

The V11 is priced at Rs. 39,999.

Whereas V11 Pro with In-Display Fingerprint Scanning is priced at Rs. 49,999.

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PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018 Launched for Data Hungry People

PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018 Update:

For customers to enjoy the experience of seamless connectivity, PTCL launches 6 Mbps unlimited Internet package.

PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018

This PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018 will provide seamless streaming and unlimited downloads.

Customers can now enjoy affordable 6Mbps Internet connection at a monthly amount of Rs. 2,100 across Pakistan.

PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018 term as ‘Behtareen Internet Ka Mix’.

Because this provides is an unlimited Intenret downloads.

Free unlimited PTCL to PTCL calls, free Smart TV and Smart TV App, unlimited access to IFLIX for one year and a free Wi-Fi router.

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Statement of PTCL EVP Marketing and Communication

Commenting on the launch, Syed Shahzad Shah, EVP Marketing and Communication, PTCL, said:
"This is the first time that PTCL has launch 6Mbps Internet package for our customers across Pakistan."

He informs more about this PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018:
"PTCL is continuously striving to improve its products and services."
He added:
"Keeping the customers’ increasing bandwidth requirements in mind, 6Mbps Internet package is launch, which is a very attractive upgrade opportunity for customers.”
Most importantly last year PTCL has also launch a Network Transformation Project.

Therefore this project is enabling major exchanges in Pakistan, to provide hi speed Internet connectivity to its customers.

About Financial Condition of PTCL

Besides that PTCL is that major organization of Pakistan which introduces Telephone services first time in Pakistan.

After that it is also now providing Internet services in Pakistan.

Two months ago PTCL announce an interim dividend of Re. 1 per share, which equates to a dividend payout of Rs. 5.1 billion.

PTCL’s flagship Fixed Broadband DSL service post revenue growth of 8% over 1st half of 2017.

Investments made in Charji/LTE Internet during the last years yieldes positive results with YoY revenue growth in double digits.

PTCL Charji’s recent campaigns ‘CharJi Double Volume’ and ‘Karachi CharJi Reconnect’ were launch.

Which were well receive, hence further strengthening CharJi footprint in the market.

Most importantly corporate business has also shown significant growth of 14% over the same period last year.

Customers can easily avail this PTCL 6 IFLIX Smart TV Brassy Package 2018 either by calling 1218 or visiting PTCL shops.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender of Suzuki Mehran Launched in Pakistan

United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender Update:

The United Motors has launched its first 800cc United Bravo passenger Car in Pakistan.

The launching ceremony of Car was held on Sunday the 10th September 2018 in Hotel Falettis of Lahore.

Where automobile dealers, motorcycle dealers of United Bikes.

Government officials from EDB, president LCCI, different vehicles associations representatives of media and many other guest were present.

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Chief Guest was Hafiz Mumtaz, Provisional Minister of Excise and Taxation.

Details of United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender

The United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender is meant to compete with Pak Suzuki’s Mehran.

That has remained a top-selling unit in the local industry since over two decades.

United Bravo comes with a number of improvements in comparison to its rivals.

Such as better safety and drive-assist features.

The 800cc United Bravo Car is a Completely Built Unit (CBU).

It is the first passenger Car that the company has introduce as a competitor to Suzuki Mehran.

United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender comes with a 3-cylinder water cooled engine.

Couple with a 4-speed manual transmission that makes 40 bhp and 60 nm torque.

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For now, the Car is available in three colors; White, Grey, and Silver.

There is no other locally assemble mini-hatchback as equip as this Bravo.

The body type is 5 – door Hatchback. The seating capacity is 5 persons and fuel tank capacity is 30 L.

United Bravo — A Comparison

As predict, the new United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender has significant changes over its rival.

This Car features power steering, power windows, central locking.

Fog lights, rear view camera, alloy wheels, and a touch screen media panel on the console.

This could make things unfavorable for Pak Suzuki.

Because United Bravo Car has an aggressive price, and costs almost the same as a Mehran VXR (the air-conditioned variant).

Additionally, the car is also expected to affect Suzuki WagonR – another hatchback with a price starting at Rs. 1,114,000.

Do note that even the WagonR VXL Car (the higher variant, price Rs. 1,234,000) lacks several features that are present in the United Bravo.

The price difference between the two cars is pretty significant at Rs. 384,000.

Besides that Suzuki Mehran Car has already decide to discontinue Mehran VX and VXR by the end of April next year.

Most importantly in addition, the company might also need to make changes to its WagonR in order to compete with United Bravo.

United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender launch could make a bigger impact in Pakistan’s developing auto market.

Therefore it is expect to push other key manufacturers of Car to focus on delivering features.

Instead of the usual degraded products that have been continuously sold locally.

At the launching event of this local Car which is locally assemble in Pakistan.

The company has also announce the official launch of its 1000cc pickup – Punjnad.

United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender. Speaking at the event, the CEO United Autos Sana Ullah Chaudhary said:
“The cars will soon be available at our 3S dealerships across the country within next few days.”
Moreover, he also adds that they will be launching its automatic variant in a few months.

The company of United Bravo 800cc CBU Hatchback Contender plans to introduce electric cars in 2019.

United Bravo Price in Pakistan

The United Bravo Car launch in Pakistan with a price tag of Rs. 8,50,000.

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi Launched to Fight Against Street Crimes

Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi Update:

Karachiites will soon see some 2,000 police commandos patrolling on city roads and streets on over 1,000 Motorbikes.

Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi Launched to Fight Against Street Crimes

As the authorities have launched a “Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi” to fight increasing street crime.

According to a senior government official a new Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi, that consists of trained and young police commandos, has been launched after a batch of 200 personnel with 100 Motorbikes started patrolling Karachi’s South district.

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Gradually, he said, the plan would be expanded to other districts and a total of 1,000 Motorbikes with 2,000 police commandos would become part of the force.

Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh Briefing

Karachi police chief Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh said:

“In the first phase we have brought a team of 200 police commandos with 100 motorbikes. They are being deputed in Defence and Clifton in the South district. They have completed their training and passed out recently. According to our plan, we keep the force under the command of the area SP. The force will be in touch with the police helpline Madadgar 15.”

Dr. Amir was hopeful that the Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi will play its role in eradicating or reducing street crime in the City of Lights.

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Confronting threats ranging from terrorist attacks to deadly battles with gangsters, street criminals and hitmen associated with political groups.

Because Karachi police backed by the Sindh Rangers have succeeded in improving the city’s security situation to a large extent.

Therefore, peace has returned to residential and commercial areas after years of bloodshed on sectarian.

This Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi with Motorbikes will help in increasing the peace in the city.

Besides that ethnic and political grounds following the targeted operation began in Sept 2013.

But, the city has witnesses an alarming surge in criminal activities, including muggings and robberies.

In the recent months with street crime becoming a big challenge for the law enforcement and security agencies.

The fresh move to handle the situation through a dedicated Cogent Police Street Watch Bike Force Karachi with Motorbikes with Motorbikes is not a new phenomenon.

However, city police chief Shaikh vowed that the new dedicated unit to fight street crime was different from past experiences and deployment of the force was not the end of the exercise.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President Update:

Details of Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Arif Alvi has been elected 13th President of Pakistan.

Election Commission of Pakistan will officially announce the results of Presidential elections on Wednesday the 05th September 2018.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) nominates Arif Alive.

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Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) nominates, Aitzaz Ahsan.

PML-N nominates Maulana Fazlur Rehman were vying for the seat.

Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President. Arif Alvi of Pakistan Thereek-e-Insaf receives 353 electoral votes.

Therefore, voting via a secret ballot began simultaneously in all assemblies and the Senate at 10am, and concluded around 4pm.

Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth began counting the votes.

Most importantly speaking to reporters, the Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President said he thankful to Almighty Allah.

He was also thankful to PTI for nominating him for president.

It is a great moment for Alive that the PTI nominee selects as the president of Pakistan.

Alvi of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf also thanks party chairman Imran Khan.
The newly-elected president said:
"I have nothing in this, my affiliates made me contest the election."
Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President vowed to work as the president in an improved way.

He added:
"I am not just a president of Tehreek-e-Insaf, rather of all political parties and the nation."

Votes Position of Presidential Candidates

According to the results of National Assembly and Senate, Arif Alvi got 211 votes, Fazl 131 and Aitzaz 81 votes.

A total of 424 votes came inside the ballot box and six votes eliminate.

In the Sindh Assembly, out of total of 158 votes, Aitzaz Ahsan got 100 votes.

Besides that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Arif Alvi got 56. Two votes pass up.

PTI candidate Arif Alvi won from Balochistan securing 45 votes.

Opposition candidate Fazl-ul-Rehman receives 15 while PPP's Aitzaz Ahsan got zero votes.

Karachiite Arif Ur Rehman Alvi Elected Tabdeeli President won and got 78 votes in KP Assembly.

Fazl-Ur-Rehman received 26 while Aitzaz got 5 votes.

Besides that in Punjab, out of 354, 351 parliamentarians cast their votes.

Arif Alvi secure 186, Fazl 141 and Aitzaz Ahsan 6 votes. 18 votes were rejected.

Alvi of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is expected to take oath of office on Sunday the 09th September 2018.

Because the tenure of present President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain is going to end on 08th September 2018.

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Monday, 3 September 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 Smartphone Launched in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 Update:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched the latest addition to its premium Note series with Galaxy Note 9.

The Note series has been recognize for including the company’s latest ground breaking innovations.
Galaxy Note 9 builds on this legacy with a premium Smartphone that delivers the ultimate in performance.

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A new S Pen with connectivity for the first time ever; and Samsung’s most intelligent camera yet.
This long-awaiting Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 redefines what you can do with a phone and inspires the users who ‘demand more’.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 Details

The Smartphone shares much of it’s design with last year’s 6.1-inch Note 8.

But features an enhance Bluetooth stylus, as well as an advanced camera that takes crisper & sharper photos than the S9 released earlier this year.

A 4,000mAh 'all day battery' has been added - the largest ever on a flagship Galaxy phone - alongside a 6.4-inch edge-to-edge display.

The camera of this Smartphone uses AI to take better photos.

It will warn users if it detects a blur in a photo allowing user to quickly retake pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 features Dual Aperture technology, which Samsung introduced earlier this year on its Galaxy S9 range.

This technology is capable of adjusting the camera lens to light in the same way as the human eye.

However, Note 9 Samartphone would seem the highlight upgrade this year is the S Pen.

Which will let users remotely control the phone’s camera to take the perfect selfie.

The Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan, Mr. Y.J. Kim stated that:

“The Note has always been our showcase for premium technology and industry-defining innovation, and Galaxy Note 9 is no exception. It's designed for a level of performance, power and intelligence that today's power users want and need.Note fans are Samsung's most loyal; we know they want it all, to get the most out of work and play, and Galaxy Note 9 is the only phone that can keep up with their busy lives. Samsung Pakistan is overjoyed in introducing this power-packed device to its loyal consumer base in Pakistan, this exciting new device promises a whole new world of information and entertainment while multi-tasking, with powerful global connectivity, for consumers aspiring to excel in today’s highly competitive and fast-paced world. It empowers and inspires users to do what can’t be done.”

About Samsung Note 9 Official Partners

Samsung also introduces official launch partners to provide exclusive benefits with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810.

The popular transportation providing service, Careem, is giving 20% off on rides for Note 9 Smartphone users.

Swarovski - one of the leading producers of jewelry worldwide - is offering 25% off on products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Modish Exynos 9810 users can also avail a 30% discount on membership at the premium health and fitness club, Structure.

Finally, Jazz is providing 6GB data for all Note 9 Smartphone users on their network.

Salient Features

Some of the fascinating features of the Note 9 Smartphone include; a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch-screen display with 16M colors.

Octa-core Exynos 9810 processor, Android 8.1 Oreo Operating System, 8GB RAM 512GB internal memory.

The device boasts a powerful Dual 12MP camera at the back with OIS and a Wide-angle f/1.5-2.4, telephoto lens, along with an 8MP front-camera.

All this and more is powered by a 4000 mAh battery.

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NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode on National Action Plan of Pakistan

NAP-Tabdeeli Imran Khan Assertive Mode Update: Imran Khan elect 22nd Prime Minister of on 17th August 2018. Just after electing Prime...